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Control Systems 
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Control Systems

Since SuperFlush* has the capability of flushing gas and diesel main engines, generators, air conditioners, and chillers we can design installations to each boat owners specifications and design control systems that best suit that owner's needs.  Below are some examples of control systems and the types of configurations that they will most likely be used to control.  For free system design recommendations and pricing click here.

Single Hose Bibb.

  1. Single or Twin Outboards
  2. Single or Twin Inboards
  3. Single or Twin Sterdrives
  4. Single Engine with Dockside Air

Triple System Manual Control Box

  1. Twin Outboards with Dockside Air
  2. Twin Inboards with Dockside Air
  3. Twin Sterndrives with Dockside Air

Computerized Auto Control System.

  1. Multi-Engine Gas with Air Conditioning
  2. Multi-Engine Diesel with Air Conditioning
  3. Multi-Engine with Air Conditioning and Generator
  4. Multi-Engine with Air Conditioners, Generators, and Chillers

All of our controllers permit you to winterize your engine in just 4 minutes using our chemical injection system.

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*SuperFlush is also referred to as: super flush, motor flusher, QYSA, QYSA SuperFlush, QYSA super flush, marine motor flusher, outboard motor flusher, boat motor flusher, io engine flushing, marine engine flushing kit, and it replaces Johnson outboard motor flusher, evinrude 225 engine flushing, yamaha flusher outboard, Guardian, Perko, MST Guardian, ThoroFlush, MACS, Flush-Pro

**Corrosion refers to marine saltwater corrosion and saltwater marine corrosion control


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