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The Ultimate Weapon Against Saltwater Corrosion



Now the same technology used by the elite U.S. Army Rangers and U.S. Navy Seals is available to protect your marine engine.

Our patented turbine driven valve converts normal city water into high pressure pulses that blast the salt out of your engine.

Outboard Engines from the 3rd Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg, N.C.

SuperFlush                               Flushport

The SuperFlush systems advanced technology is able to do what no other marine flushing system can!  It's multi-point injection and "Smart" technology blasts salt and build up out of difficult to reach engine components that other systems just can't reach.  Just look at the difference in water pressure on the gauges and that was our old unit.  The SF-200 system produces two to three times the pressure of our old unit and the stronger pulse increases effectiveness 18 times.

 Learn the technical reasons why Factory Flushports are no match for SuperFlush  

SuperFlush                              Flushport

The two outboard engines above were both run for 175 hours by the U. S. Army Special forces group as a test.  The engine on the right above was flushed after each use with earmuffs and the engine on the left above was flushed using SuperFlush.  

The engine above was just a few hours away from catastrophic failure.  It was flushed, every time it was operated, with the factory flushport.

SF 200 Series Marine Engine Flushing System is Easy and Effective

The system is the most convenient and effective marine engine flushing and corrosion control system ever made.  Its EASY to install, its EASY to use.  Its operation is fully automatic.  Hook up a garden hose to the installed SuperFlush access panel, turn on the faucet and in four minutes your engine is flushed.  It works with your boat in or out of the water without running the engine!  Nothing works like a SuperFlush.

Attach and turn on hose


 Pulsing water fills and flushes engine


Finished in 5 minutes!


Why Do I Need  a SuperFlush?

· Salt water caused corrosion damage** is responsible for as much as 70% of marine engine failures.

· SuperFlush* will extend the life of your engines and reduce breakdowns caused by corrosion.

· Works with you boat in the water (or out) WITHOUT running the engines!

· Environmentally and wallet friendly, since you don’t run the engine you don’t pollute or burn expensive fuel!

· Winterize your engine with your boat in or out of the water in just 4 minutes!

· Convenient!

· Safe!

· Great for boats on lifts, davits, or docked!

SuperFlush 200

· Made with “space age materials”

· Injection molded or CNC machined to aerospace specs

· Marine grade fittings

· All components meet or exceed manufacturers' requirements

· Flush your engines in or out of the water without running them

· No hatches to raise or valves to turn on and off.

· All systems come complete with all hardware needed for installation.


Mercury: V6, 4 Cyl., 3 Cyl.

OMC: V6, V4, 3 Cyl., 2 Cyl.

Yamaha: V6, V4, 3 Cyl.

Suzuki: V6, 4 Cyl., 3 Cyl.

Honda: 90 hp, 115 hp, 130 hp

Others: Call 800-861--8786 or e-mail

Mercruiser 3.0

Ford 470


Marine Air Conditioning




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SF-200 Installation instructions,

Frequently Asked Questions, or

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*SuperFlush is also referred to as: super flush, motor flusher, QYSA, QYSA SuperFlush, QYSA super flush, marine motor flusher, outboard motor flusher, boat motor flusher, io engine flushing, marine engine flushing kit, and it replaces Johnson outboard motor flusher, evinrude 225 engine flushing, yamaha flusher outboard, Guardian, Perko, MST Guardian, ThoroFlush, MACS, Flush-Pro

**Corrosion refers to marine saltwater corrosion and saltwater marine corrosion control


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