SuperFlush and the Environment

The SuperFlush System is the world leader in environmentally friendly marine engine flushing technology. Before the invention of the SUPERFLUSH System marine engine flushing and corrosion control systems, boaters were left with little or no choice about how to protect their expensive marine engines from the ravages of salt or ocean water, and zero choices for an environmentally responsible way to flush their engines.  All of that began to change in September of 1992.

From the outset, one of the principle goals was to develop an environmentally responsible technology, with as little negative impact on Nature as possible.  A zero impact product was considered impossible, and was, with the technology then available.  In the summer of 1995, working with some of the finest minds in the United States, the Technology Development Group turned a corner that raised the possibility of a Zero Environmental Impact technology.  Two years later the first tests were successfully concluded.  It met or exceeded all the criteria of the original design proposal: convenient, easy to install, superior flushing capability, usable with boat in or out of the water and environmentally friendly.

SuperFlush Systems offers a Win-Win-Win scenario for your CONVENIENCE, for your INVESTMENT, and for the ENVIRONMENT.

WIN: CONVENIENT... It only takes 5 minutes to flush a SuperFlush equipped boat versus 11-22 minutes for conventional methods

WIN: PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT...  Marine engines are very expensive and, unfortunately, deteriorate rapidly when operated exclusively in saltwater.  Virtually all marine engines, whether outboard, stern drive, or inboard are susceptible to saltwater/corrosion build-up.     Factory flush systems cannot get the job done! It has been estimated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association that 70% of all engine failure is caused by corrosion damage.  The SuperFlush System with its superior technology of multi-port injection reaches every cavity within the engine, flushing out the salt buildup from the top down.  No other flushing device can match the effectiveness of a SuperFlush System when it comes to protecting your investment in your engine.  It will pay for itself many times over extending the life of your engines components. Typically, it will double or triple the engines life cycle!! 

WIN: THE ENVIRONMENT...  SuperFlush System works with your engine turned off and with the boat in or out of the water.   SuperFlush System eliminates all of the environmental problems normally associated with flushing marine engines.  Nonpoint Source Pollutions are caused when marine engines of any kind are flushed with conventional technologies in proximity to any inland waterway, intercostal waterway, or tributary that leads into any navigable waterway or water system.  Traditional engine flushing is an environmental disaster.  Elevated exhaust emissions and emulsions from the contaminated effluent goes directly into the atmosphere and into the ground water reservoir, or runs back into inland or coastal waterways and is a serious source of both air and water pollution.  Engine flushing using traditional methods is directly responsible for introducing millions of tons of NOx, CO, CO2, HC, SO2, lead and particulate matter into both the air and the ground water reservoir.  With over 19 million boats in the U.S. alone, it's easy to see the size of the problem.  The SuperFlush System is the answer.  It uses no fuel, since the engines are not run, so thereís: 

         Zero Emissions

         Zero Emulsions

         No Noise

         No Pollution

Itís the best and most convenient marine engine flushing and corrosion control system in the world.  It's the right choice for responsible boaters.