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SuperFlush Saves You Money.


Exhaust manifolds and risers on raw water cooled engines last approximately 3 years in a year round saltwater environment (see boatus article).  The last thing you want is for your exhaust manifold to fail.  When an exhaust manifold fails you will get water in the cylinders of your engine which will lead to hydrolock or catastrophic engine failure if not discovered in time.

If you have the desire and mechanical ability you can replace your exhaust manifolds and risers yourself before they go bad.  Volvo Penta manifolds and risers will cost you approximately $1,000.00 per engine for parts alone.  Add labor and you'll be looking at total $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 per engine.

SuperFlush* will double to triple the life of your manifolds and risers. This means you will reduce your maintenance expense for manifolds and risers by a minimum of $2,000.00.  SuperFlush is a completely passive system that will not violate your engine warranty and each installation is backed by $1,000,000.00 in product liability insurance as in addition to the SuperFlush Warranty.

Most closed cooled or fresh water systems on pleasure craft are cooled using a heat exchanger which functions like a radiator in a car's cooling system.  A radiator uses air to cool the antifreeze solution within the engine while your boat uses raw water to circulate through the heat exchanger to cool the antifreeze solution that circulates within your engine block.  While a closed system protects your engine block from contact with raw water, closed systems still circulate raw water through the heat exchanger, oil cooler, fuel cooler, power steering cooler, exhaust risers, and on some engines the exhaust manifold.

SuperFlush will at least double the life of your heat exchanger and coolers in addition to increasing the life of your risers and in some cases your manifolds.  Your heat exchanger will never again need the annual service recommended in your service manual.  Closed cooled systems operate at higher temperatures the raw water side of the system is subject to more causticity from seawater that its raw water cooled counterpart.

Doubling the life of the parts mentioned above obviously results in savings far greater than the $349.00 parts cost of the a SuperFlush system for inboard and sterndrive gas engines.  In addition to the cost benefits already mentioned your engine can now be winterized in just 4 minutes.

Since SuperFlush works with the engines off you won't have spend the $3.00 to $6.00 per engine in fuel required each time you flush your engines.  If you have an engine with EFI you will save money in fuel because with conventional flushing your engine will run hotter over time due to the gradual build up of contaminants.  Your electronic system will adjusts for these problems without you knowing it, you will loose up to 15% in your fuel economy and power over time.  This process will be so gradual that the recreational boater will not notice it.  How much is 15% of your annual fuel bill?

On engines, which are equipped with a closed cooling system, the system is configured to effectively flush the components that are most at risk from the damaging combination of sea water and heat. Heat increases the causticity of seawater by a factor or 3 at 160 degrees Fahrenheit and adds to the buildup of potassium, magnesium and sodium residues inside the engine cooling subsystems.

To maximize the benefits of the SuperFlush System the engine is not run during flushing as research indicates this to be counter productive. On some engines conventional flushing may actually do more harm than good. Due to the limited volume of available water and the high capacity of the modern marine engine pumping systems, engine cavity and exhaust components are not completely filling with water, leaving upper reaches of these subsystems dry, and with much higher than normal temperatures.

*SuperFlush is also referred to as: super flush, motor flusher, QYSA, QYSA SuperFlush, QYSA super flush, marine motor flusher, outboard motor flusher, boat motor flusher, io engine flushing, marine engine flushing kit, and it replaces Johnson outboard motor flusher, evinrude 225 engine flushing, yamaha flusher outboard, Guardian, Perko, MST Guardian, ThoroFlush, MACS, Flush-Pro

**Corrosion refers to marine saltwater corrosion and saltwater marine corrosion control


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