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SuperFlush Is Superior to Outboard Factory Flushports


SF-200s vs. Factory Flushport

The SUPERFLUSH SF-200íS advanced technology is able to do what no other outboard engine flushing system can!  Itsí multi-point injection and hydra pulsing technology blasts salt and build up out of difficult to reach engine components that other systems just canít reach.

FACTORY FLUSHPORTS are simply a connection into the mid-section adapter housing on an outboard. Specifically that is the union between the power head and the lower unit.  Water follows the path of least resistance so most of it immediately runs out the bottom.  None of it gets past the thermostats!

The SUPERFLUSH SF-200 uses two injection points connected to the top of the power headís water jackets. Using a reverse flush scenario, it fills from both sides of the thermostat (The water jacket side and the central drain side).  Because of this, 100% of the water is available before it reaches the engine drain points.

When it is filled, the dramatic shock pulses (around 7000 per minute) blast salt out of blind cavities, gasket interfaces (highest failure point), irregular casting, and high angle transitions areas no other technology can even reach.

The result? Corrosion is greatly reduced, engine maintenance is much less, and the service life of the engine is improved significantly. Not to mention fewer breakdowns, and much improved reliability.



The photo on the left is a special warfare outboard test motor flushed with a FLUSHPORT after 2 1/2 years of test and evaluation with the U.S. Army Rangers.  The salt creep is prolific and failure is imminent.

The photo on the right is an identical test engine with a BIG difference.  It was equipped with a SUPERFLUSH Hydra Pulse System, itís whistle clean!!

If your life depended on your Marine Engine, how would you flush it?


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**Corrosion refers to marine saltwater corrosion and saltwater marine corrosion control


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