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4 Minute Winterization

High Pressure Injection Bottle

Injects anti-freeze mixture at the right pressure to spin the shaft within the SuperFlush unit to completely fill all of your engine's water jackets for proper engine winterization.


Step 1: Attach injection              bottle at hose inlet              and pump              environment friendly              marine anti-freeze into              the system.


Step 1: Engine fills              with anti-freeze                           



Step 3:  When anti-freeze is               seen pumping from               exhaust raw water               portion of your system               is winterized.               Finished in 4 minutes.

The above diagrams show a raw water cooled gas engine; however, the SuperFlush* system works in the same basic manner for outboards and all other marine engines.  The SuperFlush System not only flushes marine engines without running them it will replace the raw water in your cooling system with anti-freeze in just 4 minutes.

SuperFlush will Winterize Marine Air Conditioners, Generators, and Chillers in the same manner as it does the Marine Engine in the diagram above.

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*SuperFlush is also referred to as: super flush, motor flusher, QYSA, QYSA SuperFlush, QYSA super flush, marine motor flusher, outboard motor flusher, boat motor flusher, io engine flushing, marine engine flushing kit, and it replaces Johnson outboard motor flusher, evinrude 225 engine flushing, yamaha flusher outboard, Guardian, Perko, MST Guardian, ThoroFlush, MACS, Flush-Pro

**Corrosion refers to marine saltwater corrosion and saltwater marine corrosion control


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